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DEX Gas Token(DEXG)


Tokens: 18 Token type: ERC-20

8 days left

2019.07.30 - 2019.08.30

Required tools:


Method 1: Join the telegram group.

1. Connect your wallet in DEX.io. (Required)

2. Join their telegram group. (Required)

3. Send your DEX.io wallet address to @DEXAirdropBot in private. (+6 DEXG , Required)

Method 2: First time deposit bonus.

1. First time deposit. (+2 DEXG, Optional)

2. You will get an additional airdrop of 5 DEXG if the first-time deposit amount ≥ 1 ETH (+5 DEXG, Optional)

Method 3: The transaction bonus.

Get 5 DEXG for each transaction if the amount ≥ 0.5 ETH. (Optional)

Method 4: Daily balance bonus.

DEX.io will take a snapshot of DEX wallet balance at 00:00 in UTC time. If the daily balance ≥ 2 ETH, you will get 1 DEXG. (Optional)

For more information about the airdrop, visit their official airdrop announcement.

DEX Gas Token

DEXG is issued by DEX.io which it's designed to be used for reduction of the transaction gas fee and withdrawal fee on the platform currently. In the future, DEXG can be used to deduct the gas fee consumed by other functions of the platform, and Be converted to our DEX Project Token in a certain proportion.